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Web & Load Testing 2013

A two-day workshop providing a highly practical introduction to the web and load testing tools in Visual Studio 2013 for developers and testers. To download the course details click here




Two Days




 Day One Part One: Web Test
  • Understanding HTTP traffic, recording and interpreting client requests and server responses
  • Recording and amending Web Tests, using recording tool and editing for possible errors to ensure that the simulation runs correctly
  • Running Web Tests and understanding the Web Test Results Viewer.
  • Editing Web Tests, Adding Recordings Generating Code.
 Day One Part Two: Advanced Web Testing Techniques.
  • Refactoring Web Tests,
  • Modularising Web Tests, Loops & Branches and web Services.
  • received
  • Validating server responses, using Validate Rules to check the server responses received
  • Parameterising user input, using XML/Exelto create Data Sources

 Day two part three :Load test

  • An overview of load testing, what we are trying to achieve and where load testing fits in the overall test plan
  • Understanding the reasons for load testing and different types of performance testing
  • Risks: Speed, Scalability & Stability
  • Creating Load Tests, using the Load Test Wizard

Day two part four: Load testing continued

  • Editing Load Tests
  • Running Load Tests
  • Understanding performance results, an overview of Performance Monitoring and understanding what load test results mean
  • Reporting
  • Understand test Rig
  • Beyond the course, on-line resources and forums where delegates can expand their knowledge
  • Testing with Visual Studio Online (VSO)