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Team Foundation Server 2013 (TFS 2013)

A three-four day comprehensive and practical introduction to the features of TFS, including agile and team development management such as version control and work Items. To download the course brochure click here.


three - four days


Onsite/Offsite/On - line


Course Outline
Agile project management using TFS
  • Introduction to Scrum and agile methodologies
  • TFS architecture and basic deployment
  • Process templates in TFS
  • Iterative development with Excel and TFS:
    • MSF Agile template
    • Microsoft Scrum template
  • Documentation management in TFS
  • TFS web portal
  • TFS Task Board
  • TFS progress reports
  • Introduction to customization of TFS process templates
Team Development using TFS
  • Introduction to source repositories
  • Workspace management
  • Basic operations in TFS Version Control
  • Shelves and code
  • reviews
  • Branching guidance in TFS 2013
  • Introduction to continuous integration
  • Team Build architecture
  • Team Build deployment
  • Build management with Team Build:•
    • MsBuild based builds
    • TFS 2013 Workflow based builds
  • Gated checkins and private build.
  • Additional tools:
    • Team Foundation Server Power
    • ToolsTeam Foundation Server Sidekicks
    • Team Foundation Service
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