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Test Consulting

Testhouse frequently speak to Test Teams who are keen to improve their processes through automated testing, the implementation of Test Management tools and inclusion/improvement of load and performance testing within their testing lifecycle. Often we find that their developers are using Visual Studio and TFS and the testers are unaware of the quality related aspects of the toolset.

Testhouse can help you unlock this potential through a greater understanding of the Microsoft toolset and consultancy support to help you fully utilise products such as CodedUI, Microsoft Test Manager and Web Load and Performance testing. We can also help align with the development team through the better deployment of Visual Studio & TFS across the business, and Agile Coaching services where required.

As a close partner of Microsoft, Testhouse can help you get the most out of their ALM and Quality Tools including Coded UI, Microsoft Test Manager, Web Load & Performance and Team Foundation Server (TFS).

However, in addition to a deep understanding of the Microsoft toolset our clients often require consultancy support so that that they adopt the right strategy and processes to ensure success. This covers areas including:

  • Test Process Improvement – we can help you review your test processes to identify areas for improvement and ensure your team are getting the most out of Microsoft’s ALM tools.
  • Test automation strategy – adopting the right strategy for test automation is critical to ensure success and achieve Return on Investment. Testhouse can help you to select the most appropriate tests to be automated, adopt a framework approach that fits your business and build automation successfully into your testing lifecycle.
  • Mobile automation – Testhouse are perhaps the first UK test consultancy to utilise Coded UI as part of an ‘on device’ mobile app automation framework. To find out more about this please see our mobile automation case study.
  • Performance strategy – once you fully understand the power of Microsoft’s Web Load & Performance testing tool Testhouse can help ensure that you run tests that will effectively replicate your user load, identify bottlenecks successfully and understand results and their implications


To find out more about how we can help your organisation please contact one of our team at sales@testhouse.net.